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  • Marc Baloch

What is Resonance in the context of new and emerging leadership models?

resonance /ˈrɛz(ə)nəns/ noun 1. the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating. "the resonance of his voice" 2. PHYSICS the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

Leadership is changing. In the same way as your customers and your employees are changing, leaders need to adapt and fine tune to be effective.

Resonance has a big part to play in this context. Organizations and people have energy, a cultural tune and if connected fully, it enables the org to embrace change, improve or if done incorrectly, to decrease the vitality, the performance of boards, divisions, teams and individuals.

Change agents: We often talk about gravitas but in the end it means being receptive to accept what the sender proposes to the receiver. We have seen leaders change the DNA of an organization dramatically not only in business, but more commonly as coach of high performance sports clubs. I am a big fan of Juergen Klopp and see so many things he does so right in this context.

These coaches & leaders with this transformative mindset create a vibrancy and energy around them which is highly infective (not the best word in the times we are in but still suited) and stimulates positivity towards change from everyone around.

These new type of leaders accept that they do not know everything, and sourround themselves with those that are able to complement their blind spots.

These leaders do not create followers, but help them to become leaders themselves.

I call this "Gravitational Leadership". You do not want a leader who says he/she can do and manage all, but those that bring those with the right skills and information to create necessary change and improve processes.

These gravitational leaders have following critical characteristics:

+ Self-Awareness: Ability to look be aware of yourself, your strengths and development areas. Resonance is achieved when two bodies or more find the tune and energy starts to reverberate. It is not the louder sound that achieves that, but the one that is the right one for your organization or team.

+ Humility: One of the most critical parts. It distinguishes confidence and arrogance. We all want self belief and confidence but not with the toxicity of an arrogant mindset. Humility is not weakness, it is being open to other solutions if they fit.

+ Authenticity and effective Story Telling: In order to achieve change and transformation, storytelling and authenticity are your most crucial weapons and tools. We all see social media filled with video content. <much is a waste, but while we may not really like it, it is the most effective way to reach your customers and your employees if we find the right way of sending out your messages.

For introverts this is a tough journey, requiring lots of practicing, but fully worth the taking. Finding your own voice and tune will be creating a positive impact with your environment.

+ Remote Leadership and High Performance Management:

Change leadership through remote access and means is even tougher. Finding the right balance of town-halls, team sessions and 1 on 1's are critical as well as how to hone the message you want to communicate. I have seen leaders use oculus and playing virtual games quite effective to build relationships and find out about each other.

+ Agile mindset - I can't hear this word anymore as well as "disruption"... but it means a very different organizational mindset and process. Standing still only gets you behind now.

Embrace it, even if it means to get out your comfort zone, otherwise others will move ahead anyway.

+ Be truly customer centric: Understanding pain points and listening to your customers is key to success. If you let someone of your team do this, you do not have first hand information. The leader, from the CEO onwards needs to be customer centric and be involved.

More to come, but I hope this has resonated as a first.

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