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Track Record Samples

This is just a sample, for more details and additional countries or regional coverage details get in touch with us. We can share more!

Image by Jaison Lin


  • CEO Japan  

  • Managing Director & Head of L&H

  • Chief Pricing Officer

  • Head of FP&A

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Agency Transformation 

Image by Tron Le


  • Chief Executive - Global Insurer

  • Chief Executive - European Insurer

  • Chief Operating Officer - Asian Insurer

  • Chief Financial Officer - Asian Insurer

Image by Matthieu Bühler

Hong Kong

  • Chief Human Resources Officer, Asia

  • VP Product Proposition

  • COO Asia

  • CIO Asia

  • Chief Distribution Officer, Asia

  • Chief Strategy & BD Officer, China

  • CEO Hong Kong Mapping & Search

  • Chief Digital Officer, Asia

  • COO Hong Kong

  • MD Technology Wealth Asset Management 

  • VP Agency Transformation/Segmentation, Asia

  • Chief Partnership Officer

  • Chief Distribution Strategy & Impact Officer

  • Chief Claims & Underwriting Officer

  • Chief Risk Officer

  • Chief Actuary

  • CHRO North Asia

  • Chief Compliance Officer 

Image by Zhu Hongzhi


  • CFO Singapore 

  • Chief Operating Officer, SG 

Image by David Milmont


  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Commercial Officer

  • Chief Data Services Officer

  • Head of Shared Services

Image by Braden Jarvis


  • Chief Executive Officer 2x

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief Commercial Officer  

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Actuary 

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