What has Resonance to do with Leadership & Organizational Success?


'Resonance' in essence means the prolongation of a sound when it finds synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

In order to resonate with their customers and their employees organizations have to select and enable leaders able to be "in-tune" with the wave-length of the organizational culture and amplify what is desired.

When "resonance" happens, then leadership can transform culture, bring everyone on the journey of transformation - without it, leaders will be repelled and rejected. 

 The Resonance of leaders and organizations with the right matched wave-lengths will create a far more prolonged and successful impact.

We at Resonance Asia want to find the leaders who can help to achieve and amplify the culture and business ambitions our clients have.

We look forward to help creating a successful, sustainable and a better future for our partners and the community. 


Marc Baloch is the Founder of Resonance Asia











Marc Baloch is the founder of Resonance Asia, an across Asia operating Executive Search & Leadership Advisory firm with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, dedicated to building an ecosystem for Leadership in a changing Insurance market. 


Marc decided, after 20 years in Executive Search with several of the world's leading global search firms, to launch Resonance Asia, to support his clients in their journey of transformation and solving crucial leadership challenges.


Knowledge, Experience and many complex searches shaped our understanding of each market, country and existing "pool" of talents.

Marc has lived in Asia for the past 20 years and knows the Asian markets first-hand from life & work in distinct parts of this region: 7 years in Tokyo, 2 years in Singapore and the past 10 years working out from Hong Kong. 

Marc obtained his master’s degree in sociology, political science and Japanese studies from the Julius Maximilians University in Würzburg, Germany.


During his studies, he was awarded a full-year scholarship to Chuo University in Tokyo. Marc speaks fluent English, Japanese and German, as well as conversational French and Romanian.  

 We want to support organizations and leaders in solving crucial leadership challenges - together as a partner and trusted advisor. 




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